Tweed Love

October 26, 2014


After an entire summer spent apart from anything remotely crafty, I'm so happy to have shifted back toward working with my hands again. It started with the patchwork quilt I'm making for two of my dearest friends who were married in September (better late than never?), and then took off with a spontaneous knitted baby blanket that, once finished, left my hands wanting more.

I eventually delved into the depths of my knitting basket to find my nearly-finished cardigan. It had two finished and oddly fitting sleeves, and try as I might, I knew I'd never love the cardigan the way it deserved unless I tore them out and remade them right. So, after giving myself some distance from the cardigan, I finally set to work on re-knitting the sleeves, and although it was a time consuming hassle, I'm so glad I went through with it because as soon as the sleeves were finished, the ends were sewn in and the wooden buttons attached, I slipped into the warmth of the wool and haven't taken it off since. It's cozy, light and oh so tweedy. I think I'm in love.

So to continue my obsession with tweed, I promptly decided to cast on for Jane Richmond's Ladies Classic Raglan Pullover in light gray with delicious tweedy flecks. I think this love affair with tweeds and garment knitting is only just beginning. Now, if only I could stop knitting long enough to finish that quilt!


October 20, 2014


Yesterday I was outside taking photos of the hens on what may very well have been the last warm, sunny day of the year. It's molting season for the girls right now, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to get some shots of their pinfeathers to include in my upcoming (and very long overdue) backyard chicken update. At first, I tried corralling the ladies into the shady parts of the yard so I could take a decent photo of the group without the sun glaring off their feathers, but after awhile I thought better of it, realizing that they might as well enjoy the warmth from the sunlight while they still can.

Then today, as I was walking to my car after work, I was caught in a drizzle between bouts of downpours. The pavement was drenched with water and soggy fallen leaves, and in the dips where the road meets the sidewalk were gigantic forming puddles, clear from fresh rainfall. The kind of puddles you wish you had rainboots for so you could stomp and splash and soak yourself from head to knee.

We're well into fall now, but for those of us living in the Portland area, the summer sun has been clinging on for dear life. But now the transformation seems official: the leaves are definitely turning, the rain is pouring, and suddenly it seems so much cozier and exciting to be indoors.

As for me, a personal transformation over the past week: the exhaustion, nausea and lack of motivation from my first trimester seem to have suddenly dissipated. It hit me as I was walking in the rain to my car after work today that I feel damn good, and I think I want to blog about it! I can't tell you how happy I am to be feeling well enough (and alert enough) to observe and fully enjoy the vibrancy of fall.

And I also can't tell you how much I appreciate all your comments and support in my last post. I try not to get too gushy about things, but all of the e-mails, blog comments, Facebook messages, phone calls and hugs from the people in our lives - online friends, in-person friends, family and all - have meant a whole lot to both Matt and I. We are so very nervous and excited, and it's such a pleasure to finally share our happy news with you.

Speaking of which, if anyone has any book or film recommendations for us regarding pregnancy or preparing for the first year of having a baby, I would love to hear of them.